Why iIPTVPanel Pro?

Attention: We do not offer video content in any way!
Responsive, Fast and Light Weight Webinterface
Easy and powerful transcoding by FFmpeg
Supported input: HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, RTP, UDP and MMS
Supported output: MPEG-TS and HLS(M3U8)
Stalker/Ministra Support - MAG Devices Full Support (Portal)New
Reseller Module New
XMLTV EPG and Enigma2 EPG Support
VOD - Video on Demand with Fast-Reward Feature
Stream Redirect Feature (Proxy)
Backup URL Manager
Powerful Logging System
Hardware and Network Monitor
Auto restart on failure

Desktop view - Macbook

Responsive view - On iPhone 7
Hide Panel Login Area New
Bouquet Manager (Subscriptions)
M3U list importer
Scalable by loadbalancer
Fast zapping time < 0.1 seconds
Scheduling Module
Security module
Multiplatform Support - Android, iOS, Windows, MAC OS, Enigma2, MAG (All Series)
Multi language support (German, Turkish, English)
Regularly Updates and Bugfixes

Minimum Server Requirements

Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 (without Stalker), Debian 7 or Debian 8 (all OS only with 64 bit)
Intel Atom (without Transcoding), Quad Core 2.2GHz (low/less Transcoding)
100 Mbit/s
200MB available for installation

Tested Hosting Server Type

Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Google Cloud

Supported Platforms (Client Side)